Behind the screens

behind the screens

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Hi. I’m Grace Henry, editor of To Win Some. We’re glad you’re here.

This site launched in August 2013, and since then has hosted the perspectives of many friends living their own cross-cultural God-adventures around the world. In October 2015 we launched The WinSome Podcast to extend the conversation to radio. We write from different countries, but all of us are passionate about seeing the good news of Jesus spread. Some blogs can be self-aggrandizing; we hope to honor the Reason behind our stories more than the people who tell them.


Profile - AMAndy McTazi
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Andy has been in a city in the Middle East since 2009 leading a team, leading his family, planting a church. “We are still very new at this, so don’t take anything I say too seriously!” He writes on contextualization, theology, and whatever else catches his fancy.

Profile - Abigail McFarthingAbigail McFarthing
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Abigail recently moved from the UK with her husband to church plant in Boston, USA. She has worked in education on three continents, and loves adventuring outdoors, leading worship, and spending time with her new baby. You can listen to some of her worship music at

Profile - Clay BalderClay Balder
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Clay is currently training to be a storyteller of God’s big story and hopes to use this skill to help plant churches in the Middle East. He loves new adventures and exploring the world that surrounds us. His latest pursuits include rock climbing, coffee roasting, and winter sports.

Profile - GraceGrace Henry, Editor
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My husband and I moved with our kids to the MidEast in 2010, dreaming of planting a church in an unreached country. We moved in obedience to God, excited to share the hope of Jesus with people who might never hear it otherwise. One day when I’m in my 70s I want a big long list of stories to tell our grand-kids, where God is the hero.


Profile - Bo Noonan

Bo Noonan, Washington USA

Clare Akrasi

Clare Akrasi, Accra, Ghana

Emma Dawson

Emma Dawson, Brighton UK

Jules, Middle East

Jules, Middle East

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Paige Davis, Arabian Penninsula

Sam Akrasi

Sam Akrasi, Accra, Ghana

Sam Poe

Sam Poe, New Hampshire USA

Sonja Stojanovic, Serbia

Sonja Stojanovic, Serbia