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Welcome to our blog magazine To Win Some – crossing cultures on a God-adventure.

If you’re someone living cross-culturally on a God-adventure, this site is for you. Whether you are living in the throes of culture stress and hanging on for dear life, or living with a dream and waiting to see it come to fruition, I hope the right words find their way from this site to you. May they encourage, comfort, and inspire you.

If you’re someone interested in other cultures, and/or serving as a “sender” – part of the support team behind friends and family living cross-culturally – this site is for you also.
We’d love to give you an inside view to the challenges and joys of cross-cultural living, enabling you to care for those you support with even more understanding. We want to hear your voice as well – the flip side of the cross-cultural coin. May you be envisioned to live fully for Jesus wherever you are.

Everything you read here should serve one of our 4 objectives:

1. Inspire you to live for Jesus, encouraging you to keep eyes on Him, enjoying Him and living to hear His “Well done.” Motivate you to live cross-culturally and fully for God wherever you are in the world. Face the sometimes difficult realities of cross-cultural living and encourage you to keep going. He is worth it!

2. Increase understanding on a wide range of cross-cultural topics. Demystify what living cross-culturally is, what the pressures can be, and what it really takes. Share the joys of reaching new people for Jesus.

3. Be a resource. Compile useful, practical information and for people moving overseas. Share ideas, best practices, and tools to succeed. In many cases we’ll do this by connecting you with people much smarter than we are! You’ll find book reviews, links to helpful websites, guest posts and interviews from experts in various fields, etc.

4. Build community among people serving God overseas and the people who stand behind them. Share current stories and interviews from people living cross-culturally – what’s happening right now around the world. Fuel prayer for the nations by sharing how God is moving.

You’ll notice these 4 objectives are reflected in our menu bar on every page of the website

Get inspired, Get insight, Get ideas, and Community Stories. Instead of scrolling down “newest first” through lots of content, you can find what you’re looking for in a few clicks. Of course you can always keep tabs on our blog via RSS feed or email to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

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