"Why do Americans sleep on the couch?"

“Why do Americans sleep on the couch?”

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I came across this anecdote I jotted down in 2012, and laughed again. Enjoy! – Grace

A good friend came to visit me last night.

We ate dinner, and, as is the local tradition, moved into the living room for a lingering evening drinking chai (tea). I wasn’t feeling very well, so I laid on the couch while we continued a lazy conversation. [Sidenote:  I have a local friend who is close enough relationally that I can lie on the couch feeling ill when she visits – YAY!]

Apparently me lying on the couch reminded her of something, and she started laughing.

“Why do Americans sleep on the couch after they fight?” she asked through her laughter. I wasn’t sure what she meant at first, so she explained further. “You know, like on TV after a husband and wife fight, for example, one of them sleeps on the couch.” [Another sidenote: American’s #1 export, by far, is its culture – for better or worse.]

I started to give a rather lame explanation, “Well, sometimes people are so upset from the argument they don’t want to be in the same room…”

“No, no, no,” she stopped me. “I know they don’t want to be in the same room, but I’ve seen American houses on TV, and they’re huge! Big rooms, and lots of them. Why would you go sleep in the living room, instead of in another bedroom? I mean, even here we usually have more than one room for sleeping.”

Then she put on a funny voice: “Oh, what room should I sleep in tonight? How can I choose?” and then she fell apart laughing again!

Well… good point!

It made me think of the scripture that says “in our Father’s house there are many rooms.” One day we’ll be with him forever. We’ll close our eyes, and be with the Lord. And in his house there are no arguments or broken relationships or outsiders.

In God’s house, no one gets relegated to the couch.

Grace Henry

Grace is the Editor of ToWinSome. She moved to the Middle East on a God-adventure with her husband and 2 kids in 2010, and is accumulating a long list of stories to tell her grandkids one day, where God is the hero. Twitter: @bygracehenry

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