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Hi! Grace here, to tell you about the audio extension of this blog – The WinSome Podcast

First of all, let me answer a question you might be too embarrassed to ask: “Grace, what’s a podcast?”

Podcasts, like blogs, are constantly evolving. Years ago I was familiar with them mostly as a way for churches to put their preaches online. There was a podcast lull for many years as blogging and other media forms took off, but now podcasts are on the rise again. These days they’re more “radio on demand”, often in interview or monologue formats. It’s radio for a new generation – techie nostalgia. And I’m loving it.

And podcasts are great because you don’t have to say no to something else to listen. You can listen on the go while you’re commuting, as you work around the house, or while you’re exercising. (Full disclosure: I don’t often exercise, but I do often listen while I’m making dinner, or collapsed on the couch with my eyes closed after making it to the finish line of putting kids to bed.)

So… how can you listen to The WinSome Podcast?

  • From our website. All our podcast episodes are published like a normal blog post right here on the site, so you can always just click to listen right within the post. (Check out our first episode to see what I mean).
  • Through your smartphone. You can listen using an app like Stitchr, SoundCloud, or that purple podcast app you can’t delete off your iPad or iPhone. What’s helpful about these apps is that you can hit “subscribe” and never miss an episode. (Which is probably a good idea, since we publish a new episode about once a month. Ahem.) And on-the-go listening tends to work better with a phone than a laptop. 😉

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