Photo Credit: boellstiftung via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: boellstiftung via Compfight cc

We’re honored to feature interviews from friends on God-adventures around the world.

Church leaders, cross-cultural workers, local believers… each has advice to share and a story to inspire. Enjoy these interviews from senders, those on the move, and people on the ground!


6 Months after Ferguson: Interview with a St. Louis pastor // We ask Bryan Mowrey from Jubilee Church, St. Louis: “With the media spotlight off, what are the on-going effects of Ferguson in the local church?”

10 minutes from Central Asia: “We have joy that God is using us” // Zafar shares from Central Asia.

10 minutes from Malawi: “I’m following a true, living Jesus” // Mr. Booker Kapalamula Banda takes 10 minutes to share with us from Malawi.

10 minutes from Southern Russia: “He showed me how he loves the nations” // Ruslan shares about what God has done in his own heart, and in his region of Southern Russia.

10 minutes from Tanzania: “I haven’t seen anybody like him. Nobody.” // Jonathan Kyando shares about the church in Tanzania in this brief interview.

A conversation with Iraqi Christians (and how you can get involved) // “If the salt and the light goes out of Iraq it will be dark. And Jesus said we are the salt. We are the light. Pray for our nation.”

“We left behind everything in Baghdad, but we have a mighty God” // Bassam holds his sleepy daughter in one arm & tells the story of his last few months in Baghdad.


Is it appropriate to use gifted money for long-term savings? 3 church leaders weigh in // Gifted money feels different than a typical salary. Is it appropriate to spend it on long-term savings? Ian Ashby, Bo Noonan and Joe Crummey weigh in.

Sending Well: A conversation with Clive // Grace sits down with a UK church leader to talk about churches sending well – and one local church’s journey toward a global vision.

Sending Well: Silas and Catherine on Becoming a Sending Church (Part 1) // Part 1 of an interview with Silas and Catherine on becoming a sending church. How did their UK church get envisioned for the nations of the world?

Sending Well: Silas and Catherine on Functioning as a Sending Church (Part 2) // Our conversation continues with Silas and Catherine. What practical steps do you take to send people well cross-culturally?


Davis family in Arabia (Leaving) // Snapshot of a cultural transition in progress.

Davis family in Arabia (Landing) // Earlier we interviewed the Davis family as they prepared to move overseas. Now they’ve newly landed in Arabia – language study, abayas, cockroaches and all.

Pray for 7 young churches around the world // I specifically contacted these seven to ask how we could pray for them because each one is a cross-cultural church plant. In each case God called a team of people to leave the familiar and take a flying leap into the unknown.

Sam and Clare Akrasi in Ghana // Clare and Sam Akrasi share their story of growing up on separate continents, being joined together by God, and learning to live cross-culturally in Ghana.

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