Is 'Apostolic Base' an oxymoron?

Is ‘Apostolic Base’ an oxymoron?

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Is ‘apostolic base’ an oxymoron?

Apostles are sent ones. A base is a place from which sending happens.

Apostles are mobile. Bases are static.

Apostles are characterised by weakness (2 Cor. 11.30). Bases need to be strong to fulfil their function.

Apostles want resource into mission. Bases want resource into infrastructure.

Apostles are risk takers. Bases are safe places.

Apostle is a Bible word. Base isn’t.

Apostles aspire to simplicity (2 Cor. 1.12). Bases are complex.

Apostles drag people outwards into the world. Bases drag people inwards into the church.

Apostle is a gift. Base is a task. 

I’m not convinced on this, just musing… There have been some genuinely apostolic men who have built genuine bases. Terry Virgo. But these are rare, and that’s a high bar! Most people can’t do both. They will prove either authentically apostolic or authentically base-building.


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