Jesus' incarnation through Middle-Eastern eyes

Jesus’ incarnation through Middle-Eastern eyes

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A few weeks ago a writer who goes by Luke here on ToWinSome wrote about the significance of Jesus’ incarnation on the Think Theology website.

I think you’ll appreciate his insights:

“When we first moved to the Middle East we heard from our language helpers that on festival days everyone dresses in their best clothes and goes to visit their relatives and neighbours to celebrate.

So for our first Eid festival we very carefully cleaned our apartment, dressed up in our best clothes, got some sweets and chocolates which are traditional to hand out to visitors and waited in our house. But no one came to visit…”

Read the rest here at the Think Theology site.

For more, read Luke’s post on how to support yourself overseas, or his review of Nabeel Qureshi’s “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.”