Moving to Kurdistan

Moving to Kurdistan

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Our friend ‘L’ has started blogging from Kurdistan. Here’s an extract…

He told me he was Kurdish and my mind drew a complete blank. Of course I had heard of Kurdish people (wasn’t there a Kurdish freedom fighter in a Bridget Jones movie?), but I had no idea what country Kurdish people lived in….

So after moving for the 8th time in 8 years (bubble wrap-the bringer of so much childhood joy having now become the bane of my life), we have finally found ourselves in Kurdistan…

We have been here for almost four months and a lot of that time has been spent in offices, courts and police stations trying to sort out visas, residencies etc. Unless you have lived in a country with this system you would probably find the amount of time we have spent doing this unbelievable but it literally has been never ending and is still ongoing. A highlight was at one point having to make an oath that I was married but they only had a Quran to swear on, so they got me to hold my hands up to the sky and swear to my God that I was telling the truth. Repeating the man’s broken English, I think I dramatically, with my hands in the air, looking up to the sky said something like “my God I will the truth speak”.

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