Our first earthquake

Our first earthquake

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Friends living on the Iraq-Iran border write about their first earthquake experience. What would you have chosen – shaking or scorpions?

After the shaking had stopped we were straight on the phone to our family here to see if they were ok, cue a lot of nervous hysterical laughter.

We also began messaging in a whatsapp group we have with friends here for advice. In situations like this one of my first thoughts is to try and speak to my parents and sister, to tell them I’m ok before they hear the news elsewhere and have a chance to worry.

I enjoyed a funny conversation with my mum that I never in my life imagined I would be having. As I explained to my mum, we realised we had no idea what you are supposed to do in an earthquake and so were doing what most people of our generation do, asking google. My mum advised that next time it happened we should run out onto the large open field opposite our house. I replied “But there are scorpions in there” to which she replied “you pay your money, you make your choice”. Thanks mum!

Our son made us laugh the next morning, our daughter was smiling when we told her about the earthquake and he said “don’t smile, it’s sad.” When I asked why he was sad he said “well look at all the mess it made”, pointing at the Pyjamas he had just taken off and thrown on the floor and the toys he had been playing with that morning!

We spent the next day feeling slightly on edge waiting for an aftershock but so far thankfully we haven’t felt any. I’ve realised the way that I handle scary or stressful situations is by making light of them, but that in no way detracts from the deep sadness we feel for all those who lost lives and loved ones in this terrible incident.

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